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paper charecteristics
paper Charecteristics
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paper charecteristics :
Sabarmati Papers manufactures and converts a broad line of premium printing and writing papers, imaging papers and colored offset papers.
GSM Range Grade Quality Application
230-600 Super Chromo Board (White Back) Excellent Gloss, Surface, Smoothness, Printability, High Stiffness, With Hold out beyond conventional Paper Board quality For Book Covers, Pharmaceutical Boxes, Playing Cards, Bed Sheet Covers, Garment Boxes etc.
230-600 Deluxe White Duplex Board (HWC) (Grey Back) Excellent Gloss, Surface, Smoothness, Printability & High Stiffness Used for all kind for Carton Printing i.e. Garment Boxes, Pharmaceutical Boxes, Ice Cream Boxes
230-600 Customized solution Special quality packaging manufactured according to customers requirements for achieving of highest level of quality. It depends upon the customer application.