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Pulp Making :::
Waste recycled paper is used in manufacturing paper board in our plant. As white and Grey pulp is used to manufacture paper board, therefore we have two main pulp preparation system for white & grey pulp. The pulp is made from 100% imported good variety waste for different layers. We have adopted International standard technology to manufacture pulp of high brightness, strength and cleanliness. The Pulp mill comprises of high density pulper, cleaners, screens, and bleaching. The purpose of this plant is also to make pulp free from ink particles and other impurities.

Sheet Forming :::
Looking to the quality demand and consumer requirement, our total product range is manufactured on seven cylinder mould formers. The main composition of our base board is as under : The white and grey pulp manufactured from different process treated in four streets to make suitable for above four layers. Chemicals & additives added as per different quality requirement and "stock" is pumped to different formers to make board sheet called "web". The web formed at different formers stick together and form the complete board sheet.

Pressing & Drying :::
Board formed at forming section carried by a felt called "making felt" to the press part. The double felted processes remove water from the Board. After squeezing maximum water from press part, sheet enters the dryer section where with the help of steam heated drying cylinders water from sheet is being evaporated. In drying section, M.G. enhances glaze on the topside of the board.

Coating & Finishing :::
Prior to coating to enhance coating hold out, the surface sizing is done on both sides of the board at size press with special quality starch. Though we have three stage coating section, we operate them depending upon end uses and grade requirement. The main purpose of coating is to get better look and printing properties of top surface of the board. To meet above requirement, we include world class pigment and binder in our coating formulation. To enhance gloss and smoothness we have steel calender followed by brush rolls.

Converting & Packing :::
We have winder and cutter to meet market requirement. The sheet reams are packed with high B.F. Kraft and bundled in HDPE. The reel packing is in Kraft and HDPE.